Pallet Net Repair

Our service

We collect the nets in bulk or in bags from the airline premises.

We inspect, repair and pack the nets according to each airline’s requirements.

We provide an EASA Form 1 airworthiness certificate and a full report on the repairs.

We return the nets to our customers in ‘ready to use’ condition.

We are fast, efficient, reliable, flexible, cost effective.

Our work

Our inspections and repairs are performed by qualified and highly motivated workers.

Our repairs are performed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s CMM’s, using only OEM material.

Our quality assurance and quality control systems are of the highest standard in the industry.

Our advantages

Cost saving: through our repair service, we considerably extend the operational lifetime of pallet nets, thus reducing the number of new nets needed.

Cost saving: expensive airline manpower and scarce operational space at crowded airports is saved.

Sewing Workshop Products

At our sewing workshop we have highly professional employees, and state of the art equipment.

Our tailor - made products include:

  • Container covers
  • Container nets
  • Special textile products manufactured in accordance with our customers designs and requirements
  • Thermal covers

In need of our service?

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